MBSR for Pain Course (live on Zoom)

Course Overview


ain is incredibly complex. When we have physical pain, particularly persistent or chronic pain, it is human nature to experience this as a tight “tangled knot” along with the emotional pain it causes and the thoughts and stories about it. This can make the pain much bigger and harder to deal with than it needs to be. 

Mindfulness can help those of us who suffer from chronic pain by teaching us how to better direct attention and gradually disentangle these thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Then we can use mindfulness and self compassion to really change our relationship to these difficult experiences.

MBSR is frequently helpful for pain relief. This programme has been modified for Openground by Dr Adele Stewart, GP, MBSR teacher and Chair of the RACGP Pain Management Specific Interest Group with somewhat shorter sessions, a mid-session break and practices particularly suitable for those living with chronic pain. Each session includes segments of modern pain neuroscience with plenty of time for questions. 


Dealing with pain


hysical pain is normal for humans and its basic purpose is to signal possible physical harm. Our natural response with acute pain is to immediately slow down, rest and restrict our movements. This is usually a good thing. Medications or being still can help with acute pain. Sometimes pain can become more ongoing and chronic. When this happens, our whole system can become more sensitised. The body and brain turns on our protective mechanism – pain – in order to protect us from doing harm. And this protective high sensitivity can be hard to turn off. It can start reacting to other threats – including situations, thoughts and emotions. It is like our protective dial is stuck on high. Our system can be confused about whether the body is signalling harm or if it just hurts. Either way it is real. Felt pain is never imaginary. It can be of great benefit to begin exploring how some pain hurts but perhaps is causing no harm. Only you can know and only you can do this exploration. Wise mindfulness also helps build our resources which can further soothe our nervous system and make our whole system feel more safe. This in turn can help us better manage and sometimes reduce the pain.

Meditation experience is not necessary to participate in MBSR for Pain. All are welcome!


Course Schedule


8 week live online course with a half day retreat

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Course Attendance

MBSR for Pain is run over 8 weekly online sessions of 2 hours with a 5 minute mid way break. There is also a half day retreat online. You will gain most out of the course by attending all sessions and committing to 30 minutes home practice daily. The Zoom sessions are usually recorded, accessible for the group participants only.

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