Pain Explained

Explain Pain is an exciting new perspective on pain that, by understanding it, can actually change our experience of pain, especially chronic pain.

Almost all patients with chronic pain will benefit from very specific pain education. In a nutshell, all pain is produced by the brain, and chronic pain could be called neuroplastic pain. This is where pain gets really complex. Things that weren’t painful before like certain movements may become painful. Pain may be felt in a much wider area even though there is no tissue damage here. And because the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system are all so closely related, there are also commonly effects on our energy levels, well being, mood, concentration, resistance to infection etc. and this can cause a vicious cycle by lowering our brains threshold for producing pain even further.

Dr Adele has a special interest in modern pain neuroscience, especially the psychological aspects of chronic pain and is very happy to see patients for individually tailored long appointments. She has a particular interest in Chronic Pelvic Pain. Depending on the case this will be a set of 1 hour + visits. Sometimes just 1 or 2 visits. More usually up to 6 visits and sometimes ongoing 1-3 monthly visits.

Cost: $275 ($235 card holders until safety net is reached) for a 60-75 minute face-to-face appointment. Rebate $198. No mental health plan required.

Telehealth: similar cost with rebate varying from $75 to $145 depending on several factors. Mental health plan may be helpful. Adele will accept mental health plans from other GP’s or can prepare it for you herself if appropriate.

Please note that Dr Adele will not be taking you on as your usual GP. Prescribing appropriate medications is only a very small part of what she does.

It is strongly recommended that prior to making an appointment for an Explain Pain consultation that you gradually work your way through the modules listed on this page, and take notes about what is applicable to you in particular and any questions that might come up.

From time to time Adele runs an online course based on the modules: see button below.