Pain Explained Resources

Pain Explained Resources

Audiovisual modules by Adele, videos, handouts, books and articles for Pain Explained

Pain Explained Modules
Pain Explained Module 1
Pain Explained Module 2
Pain Explained Module 3
Pain Explained Module 4
Pain Explained Module 5

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Handouts that go with audiovisual modules:
Protective Systems of the Body
Protectometer and DIM SIM’s
Twin peaks, flare ups and bioplasticity

Short Videos that go with audiovisual modules:
Pain as Buffer – fence at cliff metaphor 1 Grant McKechnie Pain Revolution (1.4 minutes)
Pain as Buffer – fence at cliff metaphor 2 Grant McKechnie Pain Revolution (2 minutes)
Brainmain stops his opioids Hunter Integrated Pain Service (HIPS) (3 minutes)
Rubber hand illusion (short video)

Short Excerpts from audiovisual modules & short videos:
Trauma and Pain (Adele’s 3-minute video)
Twin peaks, flare ups and bioplasticity (Adele’s 7-minute video)
The Pain Experience is emergent not linear: (Adele’s 7-minute video)
Neurogenic inflammation & neuro definitions (Adele 9 minute video)
Pain on hold (delayed pain) (Adele 4 minute video)

Other Modules:
Nerve Pain Explained module (80 minutes – Adele has done a nerve pain or neuropathic pain module of its own because it’s particularly tricky.)
Pelvic Pain Explained
Health Professional resources – Foot Pain Explained; Hand Pain Explained; IFS therapy and Pain

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Links and Research Studies
Pain reprocessing therapy study This article at JAMA Psychiatry studies the Effect of Pain Reprocessing Therapy vs Placebo and Usual Care for Patients With Chronic Back Pain
Sensorimotor Retraining ABC article on retraining the brain when it comes to chronic pain
NOI Group website Neuro Orthopaedic Institute Australasia (Noigroup) is a privately owned education provider and publishing house that covers acute and chronic musculoskeletal, central and peripheral, and neuropathic pain states.
Lorimer Moseley TED Talk Lorimer Moseley’s famous TED talk on Why Things Hurt. It’s really funny too!
Motivation Video – YOU CAN CHANGE YOU! The amazing transformation of an Army veteran doing yoga – Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!
The “Reign of Pain” video Dr. Schubiner’s 22-minute overview describing a new paradigm on pain entitled, “The Reign of Pain.”
Podcast with Lisa Feldman Barrett & Joe Tatta Emotions And Pain: Advances In Neuroscience And Psychology With Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD. How emotion relates to chronic pain. Find out about predictive processing and the body budget. This has a transcript.
Dissolving Pain: Simple Brain-Training Exercises for Overcoming Chronic Pain
By Les Fehmi
By Jim Robbins
These Open Focus meditations are really worth practicing. They encourage us to move away from a rigid narrow focus (which we tend to have when our nervous system is in threat mode) to a wide open focus by practicing awareness of “space” both outside and inside our bodies. Some people find this relaxing and others even experience an altered state of consciousness with a profound change in relationship to difficult experience.
Podcast: Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris & Christiane Wolf. Dr. Christiane Wolf is an MBSR, MSC teacher and physician. Her work is at the intersection of mindfulness, self compassion and chronic pain. She discusses her book How to Outsmart your Pain on this podcast.
Tasha Stanton OA YouTube link Reframing pain for osteoarthritis: Associate Professor Tasha Stanton: Very important message.
Explain Pain David Butler and Lorimer Moseley (2013) – Further explanation on Chronic Pain in general, available from the NOI Group
The Explain Pain Handbook Protectometer David Butler and Lorimer Moseley – available from the NOI Group
Heal Chronic Pain. The way out. The Way Out by Alan Gordon- an easy to read guide to Pain Reprocessing Therapy
Outsmart your pain Christiane Wolf “Outsmart your pain: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to Help You Leave Chronic Pain Behind”: MBSR & MSC teacher Dr Wolf describes and guides practices. Comes with audio links to her guided meditations
Mindfulness Meditation for Pain relief Jon Kabat Zinn “Mindfulness Meditation for Pain relief: Practices to Reclaim Your Body and Your Life”: a beautiful and inspiring little book with delightful, soothing to the nervous system illustrations
Adele’s Meditations relevant to Pain (see Meditations resource page for sources)
Unfocused Awareness of Body Adele’s guided meditation (15 minutes)
Somatic Tracking for Pain Introduction Adele’s guided meditation (4minutes)
Somatic Tracking for Pain Adele’s guided meditation (13 minutes)
Progressive Muscular Relaxation Adele’s Guided meditation for muscular relaxation (14 minutes) 
I am not my Pain Adele’s guided meditation (15 minutes)
The Pain Story Adele’s guided meditation (16 minutes)
Untangling the Pain Knot Adele’s guided meditation  (27 minutes)
Self-Compassion Break for Pain Adele’s guided meditation (9 minutes)
You are Not Alone for Pain Adele’s guided meditation (12 minutes)
Kindness Body Scan for Pain Adele’s guided meditation (15 minutes)
Yes, There is Pain AND… Adele’s guided meditation (13 minutes)