Chronic Pelvic Pain Resources

Chronic Pelvic Pain Resources

Chronic Pelvic Pain Modules
Chronic Pelvic Pain Module 1


Chronic Pelvic Pain Module 2


The left column contains the two 40 minute Pain Explained Chronic Pelvic Pain audio-visual modules. Below are some handouts that go with the modules, some short extracts and the general Explain Pain Modules.

Short Extracts from the Pelvic Pain Modules:
Neural Cross Talk (Adele’s 5-minute video)
Pelvic Muscle Pain (Adele’s 6-minute video)
Vulval Pain (Adele’s 5-minute video)

Explain (Pelvic) Pain handouts:
Twin peaks, pacing and flareups handout
DIM SIM’s pelvic pain handout
Protectometer pelvic pain
Delayed pain
Protective systems of the body

Pain Explained Modules:
You can also access the general Explain Pain modules here:
Pain Explained Module 1
Pain Explained Module 2
Pain Explained Module 3
Pain Explained Module 4
Pain Explained Module 5

Short extracts from Pain Explained Modules:
Twin peaks, flares and bioplasticity excerpt Explain Pain
The Pain Experience is emergent not linear (Adele’s 7-minute videos)

Dr Adele’s other Pelvic Pain Resources
Dr. Adele’s Pelvic Pain Resources The left column contains a link to Dr Adele’s Pelvic Pain Dropbox containing patient handouts and audios for pelvic floor relaxation and stretches and mindful pelvic yoga. You do not need to download dropbox to view links. You can also open each resource directly below:

Pelvic Relaxation – important to read or listen to intro first:
Pelvic relaxation intro text version
Pelvic relaxation intro audio version (8 minutes)

Pelvic Relaxation audios:
Pelvic floor relaxation long lying guided audio (32 minutes)
Pelvic floor relaxation short lying guided audio (16 minutes)
Pelvic floor relaxation sitting with belly breathing guided audio (11 minutes)
Pelvic floor relaxation sitting with diaphragmatic breathing practice guided audio (10 minutes)

Pelvic muscle stretches – important to listen to short intro first
Pelvic muscle stretches intro audio (2 minutes)
Pelvic muscle stretches photos of positions
Pelvic muscle stretches guided audio (22 minutes)

Gentle Pelvic Mindful Movement:
Gentle pelvic mindful movement photos of positions
Gentle pelvic mindful movement guided audio (60 minutes)

Pelvic pain condition handouts:
IBS and bloating
Painful bladder syndrome (IC)
Pudendal Neuralgia
Premenstrual syndrome tips
Headache and pelvic pain

Painful Pelvic Muscles:
Painful pelvic muscles handout
Painful sex and painful pelvic muscles handout (includes vulval pain)
Vaginismus handout

Intro to Somatic Tracking for pain (4 minutes)
Somatic tracking for pain (13 minutes)
Pain Explained resources or Meditations resources for a variety of meditations for pain
Movement Meditations for a variety of yoga and qigong guided videos.

Graded Motor Imagery at Home 
GMI home exercises for pelvic pain handout
GMI home exercises for pelvic pain audio
Pelvic Images for GMI These would usually be used in conjunction with appointments with Dr Adele or a pelvic pain physio.

Donations for Adele’s resources are appreciated and go toward subsidising the formal, more expensive meditation courses such as MBSR and MSC. Click here to make a donation to the value of your choosing  by PayPal or credit card.

Additional Resources
Yoga for Pelvic Health Shelly Prosko does fabulous Yoga for pelvic health
Painful Bladder Syndrome Visit Jilly Bond website and YouTube videos for amazing Painful Bladder Syndrome/ Interstitial Cystitis resources
CareDownThere CareDownThere is written by a team of Australian Health Professionals with special expertise in treating vulval disease.
National Vulvodynia Association (NVA) NVA is a  U.S site which has some wonderful resources on vulval pain including some patient stories.
The Vulvar Gallery The Vulva Gallery is an online gallery and educational platform celebrating vulva diversity.
The Book The Book – Dr. Batsheva Marcus – excellent book for women’s sexual issues (pain, low arousal, orgasm problems, low libido). Perhaps not particularly trauma informed.
How to Create A Structured Diary for Vaginismus At Home

A great little guidebook developed by Kirsten Loop: a research-backed method of self-observation to show you how to uncover unseen clues about your particular expression of vaginismus… or other pelvic pain. Everyone’s experience of vaginismus is unique. This shows you how to keep a  simple 3 week ABC diary to identify obstacles, target opportunities, gain deeper self-insight, and stay motivated. You can then tweak your home desensitisation  – a more correct description than dilators (or other home practice) experience for potentially greater—and—faster success! It’s a simple 3-week project for potentially huge gains. With a video trailer!

Living With Sex: The Secret to Solving a Big F*cking Problem The book Living with Sex: The Secret to Solving a Big F*cking Problem by Dr. Julia Reeve is an excellent practical resource for vaginismus. Wonderful cover design and infographics. Gynaecologist, sexologist Dr. Julia reveals her own method of achieving penetration, packaged into a 30-day challenge.
Better Sex Through Mindfulness:workbook: How Women Can Cultivate Desire Better Sex through Mindfulness Workbook. How Women can cultivate desire.
Wonderful practical book by psychologist and sex researcher Lori A Brotto. Designed primarily for women, with instructions and inquiries for developing a mindfulness practice with or without a sexual partner, Dr. Brotto infuses her workbook with compassion and hope, inspiring gentleness and curiosity on this path towards more fulfilling and pleasurable sex.
Chronic Pelvic Pain Questionnaire Appointment Questionnaire: complete the form and bring this with you to your appointment