Therapy, Neuroscience & Other Resources

Therapy, Neuroscience and Other Resources

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Therapy Information
MiCBT MiCBT (Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
MiCBT Research Co-emergent Model of Reinforcement Bruno Cayoun MiCBT
IFS Therapy For more detail and information about IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy
IFS Model First 2 chapters of Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model book by founder Dick Schwartz
ACT Therapy More information about ACT Therapy (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
Somatic Tracking meditations for Insomnia and Tinnitus
Insomnia Intro Somatic tracking for insomnia intro by Adele – 3 minutes
Insomnia Somatic tracking for insomnia intro by Adele – 14 minutes
Tinnitus Intro Somatic tracking for tinnitus intro by Adele – 4 minutes
Tinnitus Somatic tracking for tinnitus intro by Adele – 17 minutes
Lisa Feldman Barrett:  Podcasts, Articles and Books on the modern neuroscience of emotion
Book How Emotions are Made Lisa Feldman Barrett
Mindful Your brain predicts (almost) everything you do) article Apr 2021
Good description of predictive processing
Ten percent happier Dan Harris podcast Can you really trust your feelings? Lisa Feldman Barrett & John Dunne Nov 22
Intersection of neuroscience and Buddhism
Podcast with Lisa Feldman Barrett & Joe Tatta Emotions And Pain: Advances In Neuroscience And Psychology With Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD. How emotion relates to chronic pain. Find out about predictive processing and the body budget. This has a transcript.
Other Neuroscience Resources
Book Antonio Damasio. The Strange Order of Things; Life, Feeling and the Making of Cultures.