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The following provides an overview of each book club course. For further information, please click the Course Info button.

These book club courses are a bit different to the usual format. You can actually get away with not reading the assigned book if you prefer! They usually run live online via Zoom for 5-6 weeks of 1.5 hour sessions. There may be a powerpoint presentation to help participants understand some of the concepts. There will be time for group discussion. Most of the books have meditations which Adele will guide during the course.

Book Club Courses

The Wheel of Awareness & Nature of Mind online book club course is run from time to time on a Tuesday or Saturday weekly over 6 weeks on a donation basis. Each 1.5 hour online session includes a 30-minute audio-visual, some optional mindful movement, group discussion and a guided meditation. Based on psychiatrist and researcher Dan Siegel’s book Aware, this book club course explores awareness, the scientific benefits of mindfulness, the Wheel of awareness meditation, the nature of mind as a complex system, and even includes a touch of quantum physics!

You will gain most out of the course by attending all sessions and even more by committing to 20-25 minutes meditation per day.

For full details and to enrol, please click the Course Info button.

The Being Nature Book Club course is a 6-week 1.5 hour sessions live online course based on the book Being Nature by Wes Nisker. It provides a practical program, complete with enjoyable, even playful meditations guided by Adele for realising greater self-awareness, increased wisdom, and happiness. It shows how recent discoveries in physics, evolutionary biology, and psychology express in scientific terms the same insights the Buddha discovered more than 2,500 years ago. To gain most out of this course  it is good to commit to each session and even better to commit to some meditation.

For further information on the Being Nature Book Club course and to enrol, please click the Course Info button.

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